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What it is: I've been hearing about Breadmen's, a Chapel Hill institution since I moved to the area ten years ago.  It seemed to be one of the go-to breakfast places for anyone affiliated with UNC.  They have breakfast all day as well as classic lunch and dinner fare.  Their decor is homey with walls adorned with all things UNC.  We headed over on a weekday for an early lunch so we didn't encounter any of the weekend crowds that we've heard about.  Our little group had two adults, two preschoolers, and two toddlers so we were interested to see exactly how kid-friendly this place would really be.

They immediately stuck us in a large booth in the corner which was nice because the kids could move a little bit and still be contained in a booth (adult bookends on either end).  They had a kids menu with kid portions of pancakes and eggs and bacon as well as lunch and dinner options such as chicken tenders and grilled cheese.  For myself, I chose the french toast and sausage.  The boys happily ate all of their food, and ours was tasty as well.  So, if you're over in the Chapel Hill area, it can be a great kid-friendly place to get a reasonable bite to eat and get a little taste of UNC culture.

What we liked:  We loved the reasonable prices.  The kids meals were definitely under $5 and mine wasn't much more.  In addition, unlike most of the establishments in Chapel Hill, they actually have an ample parking lot which makes it that much easier to eat there with kiddos.

What we would change: Since it is such a UNC institution, I've heard it can get a bit crowded on the weekends.  However, when we went for an early weekday lunch, it was practically empty when we arrived, and there was still no wait when we left.

Website and other important information:


Address: 324 W. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Hours: 7am-9pm daily, 7am-10pm Fridays


(A view of the interior from our table)

(a view from outside)

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