Saturday, June 16, 2012

Travelling Teacher Show

What it is:  Every once in a while, our little family needs a break from all of the fun in the sun and heat during a NC summer.  When we need to take a break and stay inside, there aren't as many options.  That's why we were so excited to hear about the Travelling Teacher Show..  The Travelling Teacher Show is an interactive show for kids with songs, dances, and even a craft at the end of the show featuring two fabulous experienced elementary school teachers, Stephanie and Melissa.  Their website described their goal of teaching kids about what they can do for the environment in their shows.  While they also do programs and assemblies for schools and other groups, we attended one of their bi-weekly FREE shows at University Mall in Chapel Hill on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

When one of our friends told us about the show, we had to head over and check it out.  So, last Tuesday, we dodged the rain showers all the way and arrived at their location in the mall.  Now, from what I hear they have put on the show in several different locations in the mall, but when we went they were in a room down a hallway near Southern Season, just down the hall from Seagrove Pottery.  We walked in a few minutes late, which I don't recommend, and they had already started.  Apparently, word has gotten out about the show because it was packed.

We squeezed into a spot and joined in on all the fun.  We danced along to a couple of songs, watched a puppet show, and learned a little Spanish.  I give the teachers all the credit in the world because that room had a lot of noisy kids in it, and they managed to hold their attention and bring them back when they started losing focus.  You could tell they were experienced classroom teachers.  Plus, my son doesn't like crowds---at all.  So, when we walked in to the crowd, he immediately wanted to walk back out.  However, five minutes in, he was dancing around, pretending to be a starfish, and having the best time.

We finished out the show with a craft, as they do every time.  This time, we were decorating maracas made out of paper plates folded in half and filled with beans.  Fun!

What we liked:  We loved the energy of the teachers and how they had a well-planned and organized show.  In addition, we loved how they offered their show for free.

What we would change: As we said, it was crowded.  However, they talked at this particular show about what they were doing to alleviate this problem.  They are gauging interest about adding shows, or perhaps charging a fee or registering to attend a certain show.  I think it's great that they are actually asking the advice of the parents who frequent their shows so they can do what it best for everyone.  I would check their website before attending any shows to see if they have changed any of their showtimes or procedures before you go as they were thinking of changing some things.

Website and other important information:


Location: University Mall, currently in the hallway behind Seagrove Pottery

Show Times: Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30 (as of June 2012)


 (a little dancing)

(...and a little crafting!)

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