Monday, June 18, 2012

Lilly's Pizza

What it is: Thanks so much to Matt over at the Durham Magazine blog for pointing us towards this great new pizza place.  Lilly's Pizza just opened up in Pop's old location on the back side of Brightleaf Square in downtown Durham.  They also have another location in Raleigh.  We headed up to the Durham location to check it out on Father's Day and it didn't disappoint.  To get there, just park in the Brightleaf Square parking and walk around behind Morgan Imports.  Since it was a beautiful day, we sat outside on their patio seating which just so happens to be right next to the train tracks.  Our little ones were very hopeful that a train would go by while we were sitting out there, but alas, there were no trains that time.

We ordered a mexican pizza for my husband, a stromboli for me, and a cheese pizza to split between the boys.  While we waited for our food, we could tell the restaurant still had some kinks to work out because the service was pretty slow.  However, when the food arrived, it made it all worth it.  The pizzas and stromboli were delicious, especially the crust.  The stromboli was about as long as my arm, but I had to make myself stop because it was so tasty.  We will definitely be back for some more delicious pizza.

What we liked: As we said, the food was delicious!  In addition, our server was very good with kids and actually gave my son a free piece of cake for his birthday.  Plus, the outdoor seating next to the train tracks was a nice place to have a meal.

What we would change: They did not have a kids menu.  However, if your kids like cheese pizza you can just order a personal size one of those.  Our two boys split one of these and still had leftovers.  There were also some appetizer options that might be kid friendly like hummus and pita or breadsticks.  Plus, as we mentioned, the service was slow.  However, hopefully this will change as the restaurant is open longer and works out its kinks.

Website and other important information:


Address: 810 W. Peabody St, Durham, NC

Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 11am-10pm, Friday and Saturday: 11am and 12am


 (Our view from our outdoor table-notice the train tracks to watch.)

(Mmmmmm, just look at the crust!)

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Jeni Dwyer said...

Oh my goodness. We were sitting next to you and had no idea! I've been reading this blog for a long time. What a small world! I also echo your sentiment. The food was worth the wait. Our server was a young college kid who put down a hot pizza pan next to our 3 year old, BUT the experienced wait staff was quick to go behind and try to compensate for his shortcomings.

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