Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Walltown Park

It's amazing how many great parks there are in Durham!  Just when I think I've found all of them, someone will tell me about another one I hadn't known anything about.  This park was a great little find and my little boys had a great time!

What it is:  Walltown Park is located in North Durham right next to Northgate Mall.  How have I missed this park every time I drive down Guess Road?  While the playground is visible from Northgate Mall and Guess Rd., the parking lot is a little tricky to find.  You turn into the parking lot off of Lancaster St. right before it's intersection with Guess Rd.  We intersected with Lancaster St. by turning off of Club Rd.  First, you'll drive past the Walltown rec center on Club, but don't turn in there because the parking for the playground is off of Lancaster.

Once we drove up to the park, we were very pleased.  The Walltown playground is large and looks very new, and to top that all off, it's fenced, yay!  Next to the playground is a little field surrounded by a sidewalk.  However, the playground had so much to entertain us that we just stayed put there the whole time.  As with many playgrounds there was a smaller play structure for the little ones and a very large one for the bigger kids.  There was also a tire swing which was a unique feature you don't see at many playgrounds, a bouncy motorcycle, and some benches around the outside.

The larger play structure was a little higher than ones we are used to at other playgrounds.  There were so many interesting parts to this play structure, different bars and nets to climb, slides, bridges, and walkways.  It kept our kiddos busy for a long time!

Walltown Park also had a wonderful rec center which we haven't had a chance to check out yet.  It has a gymnasium, fold out stage, and walking track as well as a teen center, senior center, dance studio, computer lab, and culinary teaching kitchen.  Hopefully we can check it out soon!

What we liked:  We loved the creativity and uniqueness of the bigger play structure.  We also liked the tire swing, but best of all was the fence surrounding the whole thing to contain our little kiddos and ease our mind a little bit.

What we would change: The playground was completely in the sun, so on a hot summer day, it would be warm!  In addition, since the larger play structure was so high in some places, I really felt like I had to keep a close eye on my littlest boy to make sure he didn't fall off from some extreme height. (He's a bit clumsy.)

Website and other important information: 


Address: 1308 WEST CLUB BOULEVARD 27705


 (A view of the rest of the park from the top of the big play structure)

 (looking back at the big structure while we were on top of it)

 (the big play structure from the bottom)

(Walltown Rec Center)

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