Friday, July 13, 2012

Food Truck Friday: Baguettaboutit

Food truck Friday is back!  We were so thankful to Katie over at Southern Part of Heaven for providing us with all of the inside scoop about all of the area food trucks.  However, we had to take a break until we could check out more.  Thankfully, while we were at the Festival for the Eno on July 4th we saw Baguettaboutit and had to check it out.

What it is: Baguettabout is another addition to the growing food truck scene.  They've been around for about six months offering delicious European style sandwiches around the Triangle. They take European style baguettes and stuff them with local ingredients such as sausages and sauces, yum!  At the Festival we ordered a sandwich for each of the adults and chips.  I had the "It's all Greek to Me" sandwich where they take a chicken sausage and stick it in the baguette with some tzaziki sauce.  It was delicious.  I can't wait to try some of the other sandwiches like the "South of the Border" with chorizo and "habanero hellfire" sauce.

What we liked: They were delicious.  It was a unique concept to the area, and we really enjoyed it.  It's always great to find unique, delicious food in the area, and this food truck definitely fits the bill.  We can't wait to head back.  In addition, prices are reasonable at $6.50 for a sandwich and $8.50 when you add chips and a drink.

What we would change: Because Baguettaboutit is a food truck, you can't always count on it being in one place on a given day.  However, they do have a calendar on their website you can check out where they will be.  On Saturday (July 14) they will be at the Art and Food Truck Market in Durham.  In addition, while sausages and bread is a thing kids usually like, the format might be a bit hard for little kids to get their little mouths around.  However, you could cut it up so they could enjoy the deliciousness.

Website and other important information: 



(The line in front of the truck at the Festival for the Eno)


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