Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tomato Jake's

What it is: We had just gotten home from our week on vacation and were completely out of food.  We needed someplace easy for dinner.  We live right around the corner from Tomato Jakes and had never been there so we headed on over.  It was delicious, and it was a great place to take kids.  Tomato Jakes is a pizza place with great pizza, adult drinks to order, TV's playing sports in the background but without the volume of Buffalo Wild Wings, and some nice outdoor seating for when it's not 100 degrees outside.

My husband and I ordered a small pizza and divided up the toppings on each half at no extra charge.  We could select our own topping or order one from a selection of specialty pizzas.  They also had sandwiches and salads to chose from.  Tomato Jakes has a kids menu with several kid friendly options including a kid-sized pizza.  However, we chose to get them a slice of cheese pizza for even cheaper and it was a great choice.  They always have hot and ready pepperoni or cheese pizza slices that you can purchase for under $2.

What we liked:  The pizza was good and everything was very reasonably priced, especially the slices of pizza that we got for the boys.  However, our favorite thing was that the lovely lady who brought us our food asked us is we wanted our pizza cut up into little kid sized bites.  Awesome!  I always hate cutting up our food into tiny little pieces, so this was such a nice customer service idea.  I hope all of the employees here offer this.  In addition, they told us that they have a kids' night every Monday where you get a free kids' meal when you buy an adult's meal.

What we would change: Since they made our pizza for us, it did take a few minutes for our pizza to arrive at our table.  However, it was still less time than you would spend waiting at a regular sit down restaurant.

Website and other important information:

Website: http://tomatojakes.com/

Address: 8202 Renaissance Pkwy, Suite 101, Durham, NC


(A view from the outside)

(a view from our seats)

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