Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lomo Market

What it is:  When I heard about this concept, I just thought it was the best idea ever!  Lomo Market is a local farmer's market featuring everything that you'd expect from a quality farmer's market.  They had fresh local produce of all varieties, beautiful North Carolina fish and local sausages, local cheeses and milk, and a few delicious pastries from nearby eateries.  The unique part of this farmer's market however, is that it is in a truck!  That's right, this beautiful farmer's market travels from neighborhood to neighborhood in Durham so you can shop in the comfort of your own neighborhood.  Chances are they already come to a neighborhood or other spot near where you live or work.  Just check their website to find out where they are coming each day.

What we liked: I loved the selection of delicious fresh food.  Everything we got was fantastic.  But the best part, by far, was that the market came to us!  While it wasn't right in my neighborhood, it was close.  Plus, they told us that they were adding locations all the time so we can give them suggestions and hopefully they will add our neighborhood soon.

What we would change: There's not much negative about this idea except maybe the fact that they can't be in our neighborhood every night!

Website and other important information:


Some of the current locations in Durham: Golden Belt, Croasdaile, Legacy Tower, Treyburn, Woodcroft, American Tobacco Campus, Trinity Park (hours are listed on website)


(A view from the doorway)

(delicious produce)

(A view of the truck on the street)

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