Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three-fer Thursday: Crowder Park+Jason's Deli+Pelican's SnoBalls

This Three-fer is all about exploring Cary.  Last week I headed over to Crowder Park in Cary and had a great time, and since it is a bit of a drive from Durham it is perfect for a whole morning Three-fer adventure.  That way, you're not heading all the way over to Cary for just one thing.

So, to start out this Three-fer, head to Crowder Park.  This is a great park which many of our readers have said is their favorite park in the entire Triangle area.  It has one great large playground and two smaller ones. While the large playground can keep my little ones busy for a long time, once your little ones are ready to move on from the playground you can walk a short distance down a trail to a great little pond with a trail around it.  The pond is filled with turtles and has some great overlooks.  

After some outdoor fun at Crowder Park, head back the way you came about six miles to Crossroads shopping center in Cary.  It is a bit further away from the park than we would usually do for our Three-fers, but it is directly on the way back to I-40 and Durham, so this stop works perfectly.  Our stop in the Crossroads shopping center is Jason's Deli located at 210 Crossroads Blvd. in Cary.  We have posted about Jason's Deli in Durham, and the fabulous kids menu and buffet are exactly the same at both locations.  So, it's a very kid-friendly stop for lunch after a busy morning playing at the park.  If Jason's Deli is not your lunch destination of choice, don't worry, Crossroads shopping center has many more for you to choose from.

The next part of this Three-fer was suggested by one of our fabulous readers, and I thought it would be the perfect end to a great morning.  After your lunch at Jason's Deli, head a quick mile down the road  to 2815 Jones Franklin Rd. to Pelican's SnoBalls.  This is another Durham favorite that we discovered had a location in Cary as well.  This location also has 18 holes of mini golf, but we would probably save that for another adventure.  You can just choose a sweet treat from Pelican's 100-or-so flavors to choose from, enjoy, and then make your way back to Durham with some worn out little ones.  

(Keep in mind, the links to Pelican's and Jason's Deli in this post will take you to our entries on their Durham locations, so when figuring out directions, please use the Cary addresses in this post.)

When to go: We planned this Three-fer for the morning, so you could end up at Jason's Deli for lunch, and Pelican's for a post-lunch treat.  However, on a cooler day, you could also head to Crowder Park in the afternoon and do Jason's for dinner and Pelican's for dessert.  

What it'll cost you: Crowder Park is free, Jason's Deli will cost you $5-10 for each meal, and a sweet treat at Pelican's is only a couple of dollars per snow cone depending on what size you get.  

What to bring: You won't need anything out of the ordinary for this Three-fer, just diaper bag and wallet for lunch.  

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