Sunday, August 12, 2012

NC Moms Rising

What it is:  I was first introduced to this great organization when I was at the Durham MLK Day celebration that they helped to sponsor.  NC Moms Rising is the state chapter of a larger organization of moms and other caregivers focused on achieving rights for families.  They spend their time making the needs of families known to our politicians and raising awareness about family issues among the general population.  Issues that they have worked especially hard on include advocating for paid family leave, flexible work options, affordable childcare, an end to hiring discrimination for mothers, healthcare for all, toxic free environments, and breastfeeding rights.

After being introduced to them, I wanted to learn more about this group of NC moms that got out there and stood up for issues that were important to them and to all mothers.  So, my boys and I went to their most recent playdate at the Main Library in Durham.  There, they gave the kiddos a chance to eat snacks and do some crafts with supervision while the moms were able to talk about the organization and what it did.  I was able to talk to some of the moms who had participated before.  They discussed the impact of heading down to the lawmakers and handing out items that their kids had made to reinforce a particular issue.  They have been told that these lawmakers tend to forget the paper letters that are sent to them, but they really remember these items made by kids and distributed by moms to highlight a particular issue.

So, if you would like to get more involved in rights for families in North Carolina, you can contact Moms Rising.  You can share whatever issues you feel are important to you, and they will let you know what events they are preparing for in case you would like to participate.

What we liked:  We love that this is an organization of moms who are out there advocating for themselves and making a difference.  There are more than a million people nationwide in this organization and North Carolina is one of only two states that has its own chapter, so we really are lucky to have their presence in NC.  In addition, activities like the playdate I attended gives moms and other caregivers the opportunity to get out and discuss issues with other moms while their kids are cared for.

What we would change:  The playdates and other gatherings are not offered on a regular basis, so we would love to have the opportunity to get together on a more regular basis with this organization.

Website and other important information: 


To get involved contact: Campaign Director - Beth Messersmith -
Campaign Associate - Felicia Willems -
Upcoming Event: MomsRising Family Night Out (Find out about MomsRising, enjoy a pizza and lemonade dinner, and watch the kids enjoy supervised crafts), Wednesday, August 22, 5:30-7:30pm, Cameron Village Library, to find out more information contact Beth ( or call Rah Bickley at 919-452-6596.

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