Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wilson Park

What it is: A few months ago we asked our readers about their favorite shady parks in the area that they could enjoy during this sunny, hot summer.  We only had one left on that list that we hadn't checked out, so we figured we'd head on over.

Wilson Park is located near downtown Carrboro, and it's a great park to check out if you're over in that area.  It has a play structure for the big kids and one for the little ones.  The one for the bigger kids is nice and a little bigger than your average play structure.  My favorite part of this area was the little set of rings that was actually at my little two year old's height.  He always wants me to lift him up to the rings whenever we are at a playground with them, and that's tiring.  So, these little rings were great, he could reach up and grab them for as long as he wanted!

There was also a set of swings-both big kid and toddler as well as a sand area with some musical bells and drums that you can play with.  The park as a whole also has trails to walk, a shelter, tennis courts, and a baseball field, so there's plenty to explore.  There were tall trees surrounding the playground so that when we were there about half of the area was shaded.  I imagine that you could get some good shade on the play structure depending on the time that you go.

What we liked:  We loved the little set of rings and nice big play structure.  The promise of shade under the big trees was also nice because it can get so hot at playgrounds that are not shaded at all.

What we would change: If you head over to the bell and drum area, you will probably have to find a stick to actually ring the bells or bang on the drum because there is nothing attached to the musical instruments to use.  However, there were plenty to sticks that had been left nearby by other musicians. In addition, the sand in the sand area was a big hard to dig in and play with.

Website and other important information:


Address: 1100 N. Greensboro St, Carrboro


(the play structures)

(A view from the playground at the smaller sand and musical instrument area)

(Our favorite part-the little rings)

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