Sunday, September 30, 2012

Millstone Creek Orchards

We heard about this fabulous spot from one on of our friends at preschool.  They stopped by on their way to a trip to the Asheboro Zoo.  We were headed to the zoo on Friday and decided to follow their lead and check out Millstone Creek Orchards.

What it is: After our absolutely wonderful time at the zoo where we got to get a look at the new baby gorilla that was born in August, we decided to stop at Millstone Creek Orchards on the way back.  It was about 2pm and a perfect time for an afternoon snack.  The orchard is located in Ramseur about half and hour from the zoo on your way home.  Plus, it's only a mile off of Hwy. 64, so it's really not out of your way.

One of the purposes of going to Millstone Creek Orchard is, of course, to pick some fruit with your children.  However, apple picking season was early this year, so they are basically picked out at the point.  We knew that, decided to stop by anyway, and were glad we did.  It was a great stop anyway.  The have a great store where you can pick up all sorts of apple goodies including the apples themselves.  One of the men there was super nice and let us sample countless jams, jellies, cakes, and other apple treats.  We ended up purchasing a piece of apple cake to take home to my poor husband who was at work that day and apple slushies for the boys and I.  I have to say that the apple slushies were really fabulous and perfect after a long day marching around the zoo.

So, the fun is not completely done for the season at Millstone Creek Orchards.  While the apples are picked out and we can't go out into the orchard and pick them ourselves this year, they are still open until November 3.  That means that you can stop by their store and pick up their delicious homemade goodies and you can head to their pumpkin patch and pick up your own pumpkin.

I can't wait until May when they reopen.  Then we can check out each of their delicious pick your own fruits as they come into season.  At Millstone Creek you can pick apples, peaches, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, and next year pecans.  We can't wait to head back and try some of these out.  You can also head back and go on a tour complete with hayride.  The website says that you need a group of fifteen to do a tour, but the person we talked to said to call and check because you may be able to tag along with an existing tour.

What we liked: We loved their location.  While they are about an hour away from Durham, they are right off of the road on the way to or from the zoo.  We also love the variety of fruits that they have to pick.  Plus, we had a great experience when we went into the shop.  Maybe it was because it was a weekday and they weren't crowded, but they were happy to talk to us and let the kids taste samples of everything.  They also have picnic tables and tire swings so you can have even more fun.  Oh, and did I mention that the apple slushies were absolutely amazing!

What we would change:  Like we said, apple picking season was early this year, so it's actually over already.  So, we're bummed we didn't get to try our hand at some apple picking.  However, since they have so many varieties of fruits, we can come back later and pick something else.

Website and other important information:


Address: 506 Parks Crossroad Church Rd. Ramseur, NC  27316

Phone Number: 336-824-5263


(Their case of delicious goodies)

(Their picnic area and tire swing)

(A view of their apple orchard from the picnic area)

(A view of their store on our way out)

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