Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Cupcake Bar

What it is: Downtown Durham is getting to be such a fun place to hang out.  It seems like there's always a new place opening up-a restaurant or bakery to enjoy.  Well, a few weeks ago there was another opening that we just had to check out.  The Cupcake Bar just opened in the Five Points area near the intersection of Main, Chapel Hill St., and Morris.

We passed the bright orange sign on the corner for the Cupcake Bar, found some street parking, and headed on in to check it out.  They had a nice, brightly lit space which was great on the rainy dreary day we chose to visit.  They had several delicious cupcakes to choose from (mini and regular sized) as well as coffee, milkshakes, and "frosting shots" in case you needed a really high dose of sugar.

Our family tried the mojito flavor, chocolate with cream cheese icing, vanilla with chocolate frosting, and an apple cider mini.  They were all lovely.  Usually, my littlest licks all the frosting off and leaves the cake, but by the time I had looked over at him he had gobbled the whole thing up!

What we liked: The cupcakes were delicious and it was a kid-friendly stop.  They had a little table where the kiddos could sit right next to the windows.  This way, the kids could eat their cupcakes and watch all of the car activity going on in Five Points while they munch.  They also had an easily accessible bathroom which was perfect for washing sticky little hands.  Plus, it's near several great dinner/lunch stops in downtown Durham so you can get a little dessert after your meal at Dames Chicken and Waffles, Toast, Beyu Caffe, the soon-to-open Pizzeria Toro, and more.

What we would change: There are not really any open parking lots nearby, so you will need to find street parking.  (This is usually not to tricky in this area, but you'll probably have to walk a few blocks to get there.)  In addition, while they're open until 7pm, when we stopped by at around 4 they had sold out of many of their cupcakes.

Website and other important information:


Address: 101 E. Chapel Hill St., Durham

Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm


(A view of the outside)

(the inside)

(the view from the window for car watching)


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