Sunday, October 7, 2012

RDU Tennis

What it is: I've been looking forward to this for 4 years.  I always loved tennis when I was growing up, and I was so excited when my little boy turned 4 and was old enough to take tennis lessons.  RDU Tennis offers tennis lessons all over the area, so you can pick your lesson location to be convenient for where you live.  We chose our lessons for Five Oaks Club in Durham.  They offer group lessons for all different ages in addition to intersession camps, summer camps, and adult options.

We chose the 4-6 year old class.  They had convenient times in the late afternoon with worked with our increasingly crowded preschool schedule.  The class ratio is a maximum of 7 students to every 1 teacher, but frequently they are smaller.  In fact, ours was much smaller.  The instructors are primarily college students who have experience teaching lessons to kids.  Our coach is a college student, and you can tell he loves the kids and is good with them.

The lesson is one hour long and over that time the kids learn tennis skills in a fun and engaging way.  My son has tried several different kinds of sports already and hasn't really been sold on any of them. However, he really likes tennis.  He likes the coach, and even though he's so small and still a little while away from being able to hit the ball over the net from the baseline, he can see that he's making progress and he likes that.

What we liked:  RDU tennis has a great model with different locations around the area for your convenience.  In addition, the prices are very reasonable.  For 8 lessons it's $100 which is under $15 per lesson, more reasonable than many of the sports options out there.  Plus, if there are any rain delays they reschedule the lesson.  In addition, Brian, the owner, is very flexible and definitely able to work with any special circumstances you have.

What we would change: Since they are outdoor lessons, they are cancelled if there is any rain or other inclement weather.

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Scheduling and fee information can be found on their website.

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