Friday, October 5, 2012

ABC Nature and Me

What it is: We are always searching for great storytimes and classes to entertain my little one while my oldest is in preschool.  This week we found a great one which I know will become one of our favorites.  We headed out to Camp Chestnut Ridge in Efland to attend their ABC Nature and Me program.  It is for children toddler-kindergarten and teaches kids about a certain theme each class through songs, crafts, activities, and even a healthy snack.

We headed down for the bi-weekly ABC Nature and Me classroom on Tuesday morning from 10-11.  We arrived at Camp Chestnut Ridge, parked in their parking area, and walked to a covered picnic area for our program.  Even though it was raining they were prepared for a great class.  On that day our theme was worms.  When the group had all arrived which was about 10 kids and their caregivers we sat and were introduced to some books about worms.  Then, we all went over to a picnic table and got to examine two different types of worms under a microscope and even do a scientific experiment to see how they reacted to different kinds of paper towels.

Next, we were able to head over to the Chestnut Ridge garden and take a look at the worms in action in the compost bin.  After that we washed our hands and the kids then tried their hands at some worm art (string "worms" dipped in paint and wiggled on paper).  Finally, the class ended with a "worm and worm egg" snack of noodle crackers and dried cranberries.  The kids loved it all!  Before we left the rain had let up and we took a little nature walk around the camp checking out the woods and even the lake.  As soon as they have a class in good weather we're going to take a look at some farm animals!

The class only cost $5 per child.  You do need to preregister.  The class dates are on the website and occur once every two weeks on Tuesday morning from 10:00-11.

What we liked: We loved everything about it!  The class activities seemed very well thought out, and it was interesting and fun for the kids.  I think they really got a lot out of it, and we will definitely be back.

What we would change:  The only drawback I can think of is that it is a little far away from Durham.  It took us about 20 minutes to get there from my son's preschool off of 15-501.  When I got on I-40 it was 14 miles from 15-501 to our exit for the camp.  However, I am very willing to drive there again.

Website and other important information:


Address: 4300 Camp Chestnut Ridge Road, Efland, NC 27243

Phone: 919.338.2820

Class times: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, 10-11pm


(Our friends the worms that we investigated)

(Our worm snack)

(The art supplies)

(Where we met under the picnic shelter)

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