Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Twin Lakes Park

Thanks to our great reader Jessica for recommending another great park in Durham that we hadn't checked out yet.  We headed out last week, met one of our fabulous readers, and had a great time!

What it is:  This time, we headed to Twin Lakes Park which is located in North East Durham.  It was a great park for both young and older kids.  When we drove in, we passed by two lovely lakes, but on that day, our mission was the playground.  After driving past the lakes, we found the playground on the left and some parking spaces right next to it.  So, we hopped out and started exploring.  This playground has two play structures, swings, and some ride on bouncers.

The large play structure is huge and entertained our boys for the whole time we were there.  The highlights included a large slide with rollers that spin as we go down it.  (The only other slide like this we've seen is at Woodcroft playground.)  There was also a curvy ladder that kids had to climb as the only route up to the tallest slide.  As my little one climbed up this precarious ladder I think I think I lost several years off my life, but he made it down safely.  There were also some monkey bars and zip lines which were fun.

The smaller play structure was a typical little play structure, but it was perfect for the littler toddlers in our group.  However, as with all little kiddos, as soon as they saw the big structure they, of course, wanted to try to play on that one instead.

What we liked:  The play structure was large and definitely entertaining for our bigger kiddos.  However, it was also nice that it had some things to entertain the little ones as well.

What we would change: The tallest parts of the play structure were definitely high and made me a little nervous.  I would even keep a close eye on the bigger and more sure-footed kids when they're up there.  Our route to the playground was through a neighborhood where there were definitely some experiences that made me worry about safety.  I personally would not drive that way again (avoiding Holloway).  *You could come in on 70 or I-85 as alternates.* While the park seemed safe enough, it is back off the road and I would make sure to go with a friend.

Website and other information: 

Website: http://www.ci.durham.nc.us/gis_apps/parkapp/park.cfm?selVal=park&ParkNam=Twin+Lakes+Park

Address: 435 CHANDLER ROAD 27703


(A view of the playground)

(Another view of the big play structure)

(The smaller structure)

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