Friday, November 30, 2012


What it is:  Stop the presses!  I have found my new favorite place in Durham!  I've been waiting for this little stop to open and it definitely did not disappoint!  Rise is a donut and biscuit restaurant that just opened up this morning in the Renaissance Village shopping center in South Durham next door to Moonberries and just down from Sports Clips, Kid-to-Kid, and Petco.

We stopped by after our morning fun at Defy Gravity this morning for a little snack to spoil our lunch (It actually turned out to be my lunch!)  We headed in and it was packed!  There was a line about 15 minutes long because it was opening day, so we took our number and waited with the happy, excited crowd.  I was wary about having 5 toddlers sitting in there waiting around for us to order, but it was actually kid-friendly!  They had a couch up front with some great donut pillows, and in the back next to a bar seating area was actually a kids' area complete with play kitchen and chalkboard, awesome!

While we were waiting we spent time drooling over the menu.  It's not your typical donut restaurant!  They have flavors of donuts like maple bacon, pumpkin spice, peanut butter cup with peanut butter from local favorite Big Spoon Roasters, lemon bomb, oreo cookie, and Honeycrisp apple fritter.  All of their choices looked unique and fabulous.  Then, there were the biscuits.  You could get a biscuit for $1 and add toppings on top of that for varying prices.  There they had things like applewood smoked bacon, ham, pimento cheese, and more!  The menu also included a few sides and other options, pigs in a blanket,  and breakfast beverages including Bean Traders coffee!

This time, my boys and I opted for the vanilla bean and sprinkles donut, the chocolate topped one, and a pimento cheese biscuit.  My friends tried some of the other flavors including the pig in a blanket and decided they were all universally fabulous!  There wasn't much seating, but on this beautiful day, we all headed outdoors and basket in the sun while we ate our deliciousness.  I think I'll be back tomorrow so my husband can check it out!

What we liked:  Oh c'mon we liked everything!  The quality of the menu and food was great!  Plus, they had clearly thought about the kids and had areas for them to hang out which was a nice touch.

What we would change: Hmmm, that's a hard one.  It was a bit crowded when we were there, but I think that was because we went on the first day.  However, if they continue to be this good, I think they'll be crowded for a long time to come!  Oh well, it's definitely worth the wait.

Website and other important information:


Address: 8200 Renaissance Pkwy, Suite 1003, Durham

Hours: 7am-2pm everyday


 (The menu....mmmmmm)

 (their logo above one of the fridges)

 (the kids' area)

 (take your number!)


 (pimento cheese biscuit deliciousness)

(their sign)


Cutter said...

Great suggestion!!! Biscuits are awesome!! I went with pimento cheese as well!! I'm bringing my hubby there this weekend!!

Cutter said...

Awesome suggestion! The biscuits are amazing! Definitely going back!

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