Tuesday, March 5, 2013

USA Baseball National Training Complex

Thanks to Jenny for sending this idea our way!  She has a son that is very into sports and loves watching all things sports-related.  This time, she discovered a wonderful opportunity for little ones to watch some sports, and I have a feeling she's going to bring us many more exciting sports adventures in the future.

What it is: This time, she told us about the USA baseball stadium at Thomas Brooks Park in Cary.  Now, we've been to the playground part of this park before, but we hadn't checked out the baseball stadium.  Turns out, we can head over there and watch some great baseball games at various levels.  We checked out the Notre Dame Irish Classic this weekend.

While we did have to pay to get in, there were some definite advantages to heading to a venue like this.  First, it was a big enough venue and tournament that they did have a concession stand for us to enjoy.  Secondly, the crowds were very minimal, so we could sit wherever we wanted, even in the front row.  We could even lean up on the fence next to the third and first base sides in a lovely grassy field.  The boys loved running in this field (while keeping an eye out for foul balls).  The boys got to get up close and personal with the game.  They could peer over the fence and (quietly) watch the players warming up near the dugout.  I also felt that this college game had more action, more hits than some of the other professional games that we have been to, but my husband didn't necessarily agree.

After the boys had had their fill of baseball watching, we grabbed a snack at the concession stand, and headed on to the park located just down the sidewalk from the stadium complex.  It made for a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

What we liked:  We loved that you could get so close up to the action.  The boys could really see the players and game up close.  Since there was no assigned seating, the boys could also move around a bit more and get their wiggles out.  They actually spent most of the time in the field next to the seats alternating between watching the game and rolling down the hill.  Oh, and this part of Cary is really only a short 15 minute drive away from the most southern parts of Durham.

What we would change: The tournament that we went to did have an admission fee for adults. I'm not sure if all of the games there are that way, but do expect to pay to get in if you go.

Website and other important information:

Website: http://web.usabaseball.com/schedules.jsp?type=events_ntchttp://www.townofcary.org/Departments/Parks__Recreation___Cultural_Resources/Facilities/Sports_Facilities/USA_Baseball_National_Training_Complex.htm

Address: 200 Brooks Park Ln, Cary, NC 27519

Check website for game and tournament schedules!


 (the entrance)

(a view of the field)

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