Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kids Kloset

What it is: We passed by this store the other day while headed to the grocery store and had to stop in.  Kids Kloset is a locally owned kids' resale store that just opened in the Hope Valley Commons shopping center at the intersection of Garrett Rd, Hwy 54, and Hwy 751.  They have only been open for about a week, but have plenty of items for sale at great prices.  This is a great addition to S. Durham because the newly opened Kid to Kid just a few miles away has been super busy and has a huge wait to make an appointment to bring items in already. 

At Kids Kloset you can buy kids clothing of any ages.  They do not have a huge selection, but what they do have is very well priced.  They also have strollers, shoes, and a few toys, with the hopes of getting more.  As for their purchasing policy, they said that they are not currently accepting clothes because they have so many, but when they do they will simply buy your bag of clothes or items for a price of their choosing and pay you on the spot.  That way, you don't have to worry about consigning and waiting until your items sell.  While they aren't currently accepting clothes, they are accepting all varieties of toys and gear. 

Oh, and they also have a lovely kids play area up at the front of the store complete with drawing boards, blocks, and a TV to entertain your kiddos while you shop and sell.

What we liked:  We love having another resale option in S. Durham, especially a local business to support.  In addition, we like the fact that, like Kid to Kid, they will just purchase your items instead of consigning them.  On the purchasers end, we liked their very reasonable prices and the kids' area where the kids could be entertained while you shop.

What we would change:  We wish they had more items, especially toys, but that might change very soon because they've only been open a week.  We will definitely be back to keep checking out their inventory to see what treasures we can find and to drop off some items ourselves.

Website and other important information:

Website: They will be creating a website and facebook page within the next few weeks, and we will update the page.

Address: 1125 W. Hwy 54 (Hope Valley Commons Shopping Center)


 (A view of the inside of the store)

 (another view)

(from the outside)

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Tabitha said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been searching for information about this store for awhile, but they didn't have a website. I needed to know what it was before I dragged both kids out of the car. Now I'll definitely need to make the trip.

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