Friday, April 5, 2013

Free Friday: Godiva Truffles at Southpoint

I'm going to make this weeks "Free Friday" post short and sweet because I just looked at my clock and realized that it's not technically Friday anymore.  Oh well, I thought I would remind everyone about this little hidden treat, just in case you needed your sweet fix. 

We head to Southpoint a lot and mentioned this little piece of information in one of our previous posts about the mall.  We usually head over there when the weather is icky, but don't want to spend much, or any money.  We play in the play area, ride the escalators, and check out storytime and the train and lego tables and Barnes and Noble.  However, when we're having a free fun day at Southpoint there's one other spot we have to hit, Godiva. 

Godiva is a fabulous chocolate store, and they also have a rewards program.  It's completely free to sign up, and they send you discounts in the mail.   The best part of the program is that they give you a free truffle each month just for signing up.  That's right, free chocolate for doing nothing. So, my friend and I used to put the kiddos in their strollers, walk around the mall for a bit, then stop in to get our free treat.  Now, the boys are a bit older and realize that I'm getting chocolate and they tell me they need some too, but hey, mommy deserves a little chocolate every once and a while, right?

So, head to Godiva (at the opposite side of the mall as the play area), ask to join the rewards club, and enjoy your free truffle!  Happy Free Friday!

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