Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Parlour

In case you didn't know, Durham was just voted the "Tastiest Town in the South" according to the voters at Southern Living.  We all knew it was true!  Stir Crazy Moms has been busily checking out all the great Durham foodie stops and letting everyone know whether they are kid-friendly or better for a kid-free night out.   So, in tribute to our tastiest town status, we bring you another tasty Durham treat for your kiddos' taste buds.

What it is:  If you guys have ever been to a Durham food truck rodeo then you are probably familiar with The Parlour.  They have been a food truck delivering fabulous ice cream to Durham for several years.  You can check out our post about their food truck from Katie at The Southern Part of Heaven here.  Now, they have brought their ice cream to a brick and mortar location in downtown Durham in the same square as the bull statue, and boy is it delicious!

We headed over after lunch today.  Now that my boys have given up naps we have a lot more time in the middle of the day to kill.  Anyway, there was plenty of one hour parking off of Market St. and in the parking lot across the street.  The ice cream flavors were all a little unique which was nice for the grown ups, but there were still things that appealed to my picky kids.  One tried the chocolate malt and the other tried the strawberry tangerine made from goat's milk.  That's the one that I also tried and it was awesome!  It's nice that they can still have their usual strawberry and chocolate flavors that were kicked up a notch.  Some of the other flavors offered included salted butter caramel, brown sugar roasted apple, and girl scout mint, yum!

The single scoop was $3.50, the double-$5, and the triple $6, and the sprinkles that the boys got on top were 50 cents.  You could also get a soda, float, sorbet, pastries, or select espresso drinks to make your sweet tooth happy.  The Parlour also offers vegan flavors.  There was a convenient restroom in the back as well as free water for thirsty kiddos.  I can't wait to head back!

What we liked:  The ice cream was delicious!  It's definitely places like this that make Durham the South's Tastiest Town!  Plus, parking was easy for a downtown stop and their hours are convenient-they're open from 12pm-10pm daily except Monday.  Oh, and the kids can also head over and play for a few minutes in the square around the Bull statue if they need to run out a little of that sugar.

What we would change:  They are a little more expensive than other local sweet treats, but not by enough that it would make me hesitate in the slightest to go back.  The deliciousness was definitely worth it.  You can tell they're using quality, seasonal ingredients to make a quality product.

Website and other important information:


Address: 117 Market St, Downtown Durham

Hours: Noon-10pm, every day except Monday


(A view of their sign)

 (The interior of the store)

(playing by the Bull)

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