Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kid Kind Creations Art Classes

What it is: Ever wish you had the energy to provide your kiddos with creative art activities complete with lots of great art mediums including some from the natural world?  Well, local Durham mom and artist Eila Voloshen has created the perfect solution with her new art classes-Kid Kind Creations.   Kid Kind Creations are small group art classes of 4-5 children from 1-6 years old.  In these art classes Eila help children create a variety of art projects using different processes and materials, and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak today.

We met Eila and her daughter at Forest Hills Park today for a free trial class.  I thought it was such a wonderful idea to have an art class at a park.  This way we were able to incorporate nature into our art projects.  This time, we were creating a tree using different techniques and materials.  

First, our little group of four kiddos (meeting in the picnic shelter behind the park) painted a piece of paper, but instead of just using paint, we used paint mixed with coffee.  The kids could incorporate their sense of smell into the process and it created a beautiful effect on the paper.  Then, they cut a tree shape out of the paper practicing more of their fine motor skills and glued it on construction paper of their color choice.  Next, we decorated the trees.  We decorated them both with art materials including pom poms and paint.  Then, the kiddos had a chance to stretch their legs and grab some items from nature to complete their tree.  Some kids used flowers, some clovers, some grass, and some even grabbed some dirt and sprinkled it on.  

In the end each tree was completely unique and wonderful.  The kids had been given the opportunity to practice specific artistic techniques and at the same time have the space to explore art and do the project in their own unique way.

To start off her art classes, Eila will be having a FREE launch party at Forest Hills Park on June 15.  To find out more information and to register, head to her website.  Details will be coming soon.

What we liked:  We loved how the class took place out in nature and gave kiddos the opportunity to use so many different materials in so many different ways.  If you check out Kid Kind Creation's blog you can see some of the other fun ideas that Eila has been experimenting with.

What we would change:  The only thing that we would change is that the classes are new and we're waiting to see how some of the details unfold.  We're excited to see how the classes grow and develop and give the kiddos a chance to do more fantastic art.

Website and other important information:

Cost: $13 per kid with $2 sibling discount and packages available.  

Photos: (Ok, so the ones that Eila took are much better, so just head to her website to check out more photos from our lesson.)

(painting with coffee)

(our tree starts to take shape)

(the finished product)

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