Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Burlington Park-Chapel Hill

After all of this rain, the boys and I have been itching to get back out to a park.   We thought we'd checked out all of the parks in close proximity to Durham, but fortunately for us, we were wrong.  We found a great little spot near Durham where we could go and stretch out our legs.

What it is:  Burlington Park is a little park located just off of Ephesus Church Rd. in Chapel Hill just over the border with Durham.  We almost missed it when we were driving by.  There's a sign, but it looks like you're turning in to someone's driveway.  Never fear, there's a little parking lot once you turn in.

We parked in the lot and immediately saw two sets of swing sets-regular and baby as well as a nice field to play in.  To get to the rest of the park, you had to walk past the swings and over a little bridge.  The bridge leads over a nice creek to a play structure surrounded by sand and a few picnic tables and benches.  

The day that we went to the park was after several weeks of heavy rain, so the field and area next to the swings were sopping wet with lots of puddles.  However, since the playground surface was sand, there weren't any puddles there.  The one play structure was fun but wasn't geared for the youngest kids, but my 3 and 5 year old boys had fun.  Plus, the large trees all around kept the playground shady and cool even in the July sun.  I can see this playground as being a great alternative to the nearby Old Chapel Hill Rd. Park which is completely sunny.  If you bring sand toys and a picnic you could have a nice quiet retreat.

What we liked:  The shade of the park was great.  Plus, the sand surface leaves lots of opportunities for play.  

What we would change:  The playground was small and some kids might lose interest fairly quickly, but the biggest negative was definitely the bugs!  We had to leave because we were about eaten alive from the mosquitoes.  However, I bet the mosquitoes were especially bad because of all of the rain.  If I went back I would definitely bring the bug spray!

Website and other important information: 

Address: 1701 Ephesus Church Rd., Chapel Hill, 27517


(the swing sets)

(the play structure)

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