Sunday, July 14, 2013

Go Greenly

What it is:  You know that we can sniff out a frozen yogurt place anywhere in town, and boy, there are plenty.  (There are 8 within 5 miles of my house!)  The newest player in Durham's frozen yogurt scene is Go Greenly which just opened up about two weeks ago, so of course we had to go check it out.  It's located in the old Carnival Delights location in the Indigo Corners shopping center near the intersection of I-40 and 15-501.

For the most part, it's pretty similar to the other frozen yogurt places.  You can serve yourself your frozen yogurt, pick your toppings and then pay by weight. They had a wide variety of yogurt flavors, a reasonable selection of toppings, and lots of sauces.  The yogurt was tasty and not watery at all which can be a weakness that we've found at some of the other froyo spots.  In addition to having frozen yogurt, they also had smoothies which was a nice, healthy touch.

Once we sat down to eat, I started noticing some of the aspects of Yo Greenly which give it its "Green" title.  They use all recycled cups, napkins, and spoons.  Some of their furniture was even made of solid cardboard to be more environmentally friendly, and it was just as comfortable as a regular chair.

What we liked: The yogurt was tasty.  I loved their focus on being environmentally friendly.  Plus, it's nice to have a dessert place in the whole 15-501 retail cluster including New Hope Commons.  That way, when you can take the kiddos there as a treat after they've been good through countless errands.  I think the smoothies are a nice touch that make this place a little different.

What we would change:  It seemed like they didn't have much seating inside, but they made up for that with some nice outdoor tables.

Website and other important information:


Address: 5324 New Hope Commons Drive, Durham, 27707

Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 11am-9pm, Thursday-Sunday: 11am-10pm

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