Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our First Throwback Thursday: Herndon Park

This is our first "Throwback Thursday" on Stir Crazy Moms. We've seen lots of Throwback Thursday posts on Twitter, but we're putting a little different twist on it. I figure that most of you, our wonderful readers haven't been reading since day one when we started the blog in 2009. So, I thought that I might revisit some of our older posts, update them with what's changed and bring them back to you. For our first Throwback Thursday, here is one of our earliest posts (I think it was our fifth one ever.) on Herndon Park, one of my favorite parks just around the corner from where I live.

Original Post Date: December 23, 2009

What it is: The playground itself has two play structures, one large and one for the smaller kids. It has some swings for older children, and a sheltered area with picnic tables.

This playground is park of a larger complex that has several baseball and soccer fields, and there are lots of games played on these fields so there's usually some sports around for the kids to watch. It also has a building with restrooms, but these are usually locked, leaving the port-o-potty by the soccer fields as your only option.

What we like: We love this playground on colder days because there are few trees and lots of sun to keep things warm. The bigger play structure is really nice because you can walk right on to the upper level from the sidewalk. That makes it easily accessible for parents.

It is also right next to a southern portion of the American Tobacco Trail so you can head out on a walk through the trees when you are done playing. They have recently paved this section of the trail, so you can hop on and take the kiddos for a bike ride either north or south. You can go for miles and miles in the southern direction and a couple of miles north. By October 2013, you should be able to head north all the way up and over the new Tobacco Trail bridge over I-40.

What we don't like: The lack of trees can also be a disadvantage in the summer time because this park can be pretty hot. In addition, all parks have puddles, but this one has a particularly big one under the picnic tables that appears after it rains and makes the tables somewhat difficult to use. This park also doesn't have any swings for younger kids, it only has ones for the bigger kids.



(view of the playground)

(In this picture you can see how the play structure is accessible from the sidewalk with no stairs involved.)

(The large puddle under the picnic tables that every toddler will want to find and jump in.)

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