Sunday, September 29, 2013

Camping with Kids-Satterwhite Point at Kerr Lake

So, I am not a camper.  I've camped exactly two, well now three, times in my whole life.  However, now I am the mom of two boys so I'm trying to learn what it's all about.  This weekend I had my chance to learn a little more about camping and camping with little ones.  I wanted to share what I learned, a great spot that we found, and ask for any knowledge that you have, as I'm sure many of you are much more experienced campers than I am.  We had a great weekend, and now, I'm ready to try it again, just as soon as I get a little more sleep.

What it is:  This weekend we headed with a group to Satterwhite Point which is located on Kerr Lake.  We wouldn't have known quite where to go to camp with our kiddos, so it was great to have some knowledgeable folks to show us the way.  I've also heard about good camping options at Jordan Lake and Falls Lake.  What other great camping spots have you guys found?

This particular spot was great.  It was about an hour north of Durham, just north of Henderson, NC.  Satterwhile Point is a little spit of land that sticks out into the lake and is surrounded by water on three sides.  Now, if you have a group that you would like to take camping, the group camping site is beautiful with woods, a clearing with a fire pit, restrooms, and a beach.  If you don't have a group, Satterwhite also has locations for individual camping that are also on the water, but I haven't looked at them myself.

On to the logistics of camping.  This time we borrowed most of our equipment until we could really see what we needed.  We had a six person tent which easily fit our family of four.  It could have also easily fit a pack and play.  We brought a tarp to place under the tent.  We each had a sleeping bag to sleep in, and after a rough night on the cold, hard ground I would also recommend an air mattress to keep you a little warmer and make things a little more comfortable.  Other necessary items included a cooler with food, lanterns and flashlights, fire lighting implements, skewers for grilling hot dogs and roasting marshmallows, camping chairs, bug spray, lots of warm clothing to wear and layer at night, and changes of daytime clothes.  This time, we actually managed to forget the change of clothes for the kiddos, not wise.  One of my sons walked around in his PJ's for most of the weekend.  Oh well.  You can also bring all sorts of items to make the trip more fun like fishing rods, sand toys, bug catchers and boxes, and anything else you can think of.  What are the other camping essentials?  This campground was accessible by car and we could easily unload the gear and walk it to our tent.  This made things much easier.

What we liked:  Camping was actually a really fun experience.  The boys had a great time playing in the woods and on the beach.  They loved starting and maintaining the fire and cooking all of our camping goodies over it. I was a little concerned about how they would sleep, but they slept wonderfully, and one of my sons said that one of his favorite parts of the trip was sleeping under the trees and the stars.  Going in a group was also a great way to make the trip even more fun.  The kids had other kids to play and explore with and we had more adults to hang out with as well.

What we would change:  In the middle of the night I might not have had this favorable of a report on the trip.  I was cold because I didn't wear enough layers and uncomfortable because I didn't have an air mattress (and we forgot our pillows).  However, these problems could be easily fixed, and I am definitely willing to try it again.

Website and other important information:

*This is the information for Satterwhite Point and Kerr Lake however I would love to add any information on sites where you have had good camping experiences.


Address: 6254 Satterwhite Point Rd., Henderson, NC, 27537

Reservations are recommended for campsites at Kerr Lake.


(Our campsite)

(the view from our tent)

(the beach)

(sunrise this morning)


Unknown said...

This looks great. I'll be staying in this exact spot next month. Was it pretty private? I can tell by the map that there are large campgrounds nearby, but I can't tell if you can see / hear them from the group campground.


The Stir Crazy Moms said...

We loved the spot! It was very private for our group. I think at one point at night we could strain and hear one of the big campgrounds singing something, but we didn't see or hear anyone that wasn't from our group for the whole time we were there! Hope you have fun!

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