Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sears Farm Road Park

Check out this post from Kat Benson over at SoDu Parents Posse.  It's in Cary, but only 15 minutes away from S. Durham and well worth the trip.  

What it is: Sears Farm Road Park is a wonderful 6 acre park to go to if you live in South Durham, over into the edge of Wake County, or Apex. It is wonderfully maintained with manicured lawns and multiple aspects to enjoy. Town of Cary really should take pride what they've created and take care to upkeep. It has a lot of amenities, including some hidden treasures. There is a play structure of a pretty good size, appropriate for kids 5 and up. I really liked that there is a retaining wall as well as deck next to the structure where parents can sit and keep an eye on the kids while also be able to sit comfortably in the shade and talk with other adults. From there, you can also keep an eye on the sandbox, with its diggers, small shelter, and one set of swings (baby/toddler size and ones that meet accessibility requirements). There is also a smaller play structure for kids 2-5 years old. This area has a partial fence so kids can't run right out into the parking lot-very well thought out for younger children. Nearby is another set of swings and a clean restroom with diaper changing tables. Behind that is a spacious shelter with picnic tables. 

My favorite part is next to this. Scattered throughout the large lawns are assorted plants that kids love exploring as they race up a tall, but manageable hill, then down into an valley of sorts. There is also a large checkerboard type concrete slab nearby to use for games like hopscotch. Multiple paved paths (making the park widely wheelchair friendly) wind through this open space, complete with front porch style swings, wonderful for rocking a baby as an older child plays. Off in the distance is a wooded area and basketball court as well as greenway access.

What we love: Close to the entrance is what's called a kinetic sculpture where you can power it simply by turning on the base. Titled "Curvaceous Kiss", it is certainly eye catching, and a wonderful addition to an already fantastic park. Art that invites people to interact directly is so important, especially for children, and this one always pleases. Artist Russ Rubert's spinning top at the bottom as well as the rest of the curved steel is fun for kids but also asthetically pleasing to adults. He also designed and constructed three accompanying benches for the park.

What we'd change: I went on a busy day and the parking ran out quick. This could be a problem if one was having a birthday party there, although it appears you can park along the roadway. The play structure for the younger kids, the sandbox and the open fields are all in broad sun, so it can get hot in the summer. (However, that would be nice in colder weather.)

Do yourself a favor and check out this top of the line park!

Website and other important information:


Address: 5077 Sears Farm Road, Cary, NC 27519


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