Wednesday, October 23, 2013

La Vaquita and La Vaquita II

What it is: We always love finding good restaurants in Durham.  So, when we heard some of our friends talking about one of the best Mexican restaurants in town, we had to listen carefully.  They were talking about La Vaquita a Mexican stop over in the great food corner of Durham that also houses Fosters, Q-Shack, etc.  The restaurant is not only famous for its delicious food, but for the large cow on its roof.

We stopped by on a weekend lunch.  Now, La Vaquita is just a walk up window with some picnic tables outside, so we decided to take our meal home.  While there were a lot of picnic tables there were some busy roads nearby that looked a little too tempting for our kiddos.  So, we looked at their expansive menu and picked quesadillas for the kids and 3 tacos each for the adults.  I would have liked to sample more because it all looked good.  Our food arrived fairly quickly and we took it home.  Once home, we enjoyed a delicious meal!  Our tacos were packed with some lime wedges and sliced radishes which were a nice touch.

Well, the food was delicious.  If I had only had the opportunity to sit down and really examine the menu before I ordered or maybe have some chips with my meal.  Fortunately for me there's La Vaquita II.  Opened in 2009, La Vaquita II has the same delicious menu but is located in a strip center in N. Durham.  The minute my husband heard about it, he went to check it out on a work lunch.  While the atmosphere was not fussy, the food was equally delicious and the restaurant setting gave him a little more time to enjoy his meal.  I would imagine that it would be a much easier place to take the kiddos.

What we liked: The food was delicious and the menu made me want to try more.  For those of you who have frequented this stop...what is your favorite thing on the menu?

What we would change: As I said, the fact that the original La Vaquita doesn't have an indoor eating space makes it a bit more troublesome for dining with twitchy little ones.  However, La Vaquita II conveniently solves that problem.

Website and other important information: 

Website: (Interestingly enough, this website makes no mention of La Vaquita II.)


La Vaquita: 2700 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, 27707

La Vaquita II: 3409 Hillsborough Rd, Durham, 27705


(the famous La Vaquita cow)

(the food...yum!)

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