Sunday, October 20, 2013

Durham History Hub

What it is:  So, last weekend a great new resource opened in downtown Durham.  We were there to see the opening of the Durham History Hub.  Created in a tiny old bus station on Main St,  the Durham History Hub is the starter home for the Museum of Durham History.  There is no admission for heading over and checking out this new spot.  Right now, the museum has a story corner where visitors can record their own Durham history, touchscreens for exploring the city, and exhibits about Durham-past and present.  There's also a small kids' corner where kids can dress up as figures from Durham's history or play some games.  There's a large gazebo outside the space that can host occasional performances.  Their website mentions that the museum is on a quest for a permanent larger space, but for now, the Durham History Hub is their home.

What we liked:  We love the idea behind this museum.  We love this city and think it's great to have a place where we can go learn about its rich history.  We also like that they thought about the kids' area and included a small place for kids to play while adults can explore the space.  Its also in a great location in Downtown within walking distance of some of our favorite haunts like The Cupcake Bar, Dames Chicken and Waffles, the Amtrak Station, and Parker and Otis

Since this is such a small stop, I recommend combining it with a visit to other nearby attractions.  You could park at the train station, time your visit so that you can watch the train whizz by, stop by the history hub, then finish off your visit with some delicious munchies at The Cupcake Bar or Parker and Otis.  Just a short drive away is Trinity Park, so you could easily combine that into your perfect Durham outing.

What we would change:  Right now, this is not a particularly kid-friendly stop although they told me they want to add more kid-friendly activities.  Even though this is not particularly kid-friendly, especially for young children, they do have some activities to occupy them while you look around.  You could also check it out on a parents' lunch or early dinner date so that you could soak in the Durham history at your leisure without having to worry about entertaining the kiddos.  I would love to go back and really investigate some of the exhibits because my boys were being fairly distracting last time we were there.

Website and other important information: 


Address: 500 W. Main St, Durham

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-5pm with extended hours on Thursdays and Third Fridays in the spring and summer months

Admission: Free!


(their sign)

(a view from the outside)

(the interior)

(the kids' dress up area)

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