Thursday, January 23, 2014

MLK Unity March/Rally

Here's another great post from new Stir Crazy Mom, Zion about another annual Durham MLK tradition to check out with the kids!

This past Monday January 20th for MLK day my family and I participated in our first Durham Unity March/Rally. Not only was the weather nice, but there was good company at this event with with plenty of mixed generations that came out to support. I got to see some of our city council members, county commissioners, state representatives and a host of others.  Many people marched with signs and songs from NC Mutual to First Presbyterian church.  

The event concluded with a program that included a Durham children's choir, special remarks, prayer and stories of Unity. It made me proud of our city, and gave me something to reflect on after having my 3 year old daughter attend such a monumental event with me.

What it was/is: Downtown Durham Martin Luther King Jr. Unity March/Rally

What we liked: Great mixture of generations, races, and purpose at this event. The children's choir did a great job and since myself and others brought our kids, it was great to have a timely event that didn't drag on. 

What we would change: Not to sure if I am clever enough to change anything, but am interested in how this will only get better over time.


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