Monday, January 27, 2014

Bull City Craft Annual Ornament Party

Here's a post about one of the fun holiday activities we discovered this year.  Check it out and definitely file this one away for next year!  You should definitely add this annual activity to your holiday rotation.

What it is: We have always loved Bull City Craft!  It's a great place to stop by for a drop in craft, preschool playcraft, or even a mom's night out.  Plus, it's location next to some of our favorite food stops-Q-Shack, Nanataco, and Miel Bon Bons, makes it a great place for a fun outing.

Back in December, we heard that it was time for their annual ornament party, so of course, we couldn't pass up the chance.  It was scheduled from 4-6pm one chilly December day.  Pre-order tickets were only $6 per child, so we ordered our tickets and headed on over.  Once there, the kids could decorate ornaments, participate in several other fun holiday crafts, or have a delicious little snack.

First, my boys chose to decorate their ornaments.  Since they each got 3 ornaments, it was the perfect opportunity to make gifts for grandparents.  Paint and sequins were neatly laid out on the tables and the kids were given aprons to wear while they were painting.  They had fun creating some beautiful masterpieces.

Once they were done creating their ornaments, there was still fun to be had.  They could play at the playdoh table or make some holiday pictures with some really cool markers.  The boys had a great time exploring the other things to do, and once they were done, they enjoyed the delicious cookie cake treat that was provided for everyone.  Finally, our ornaments were mostly dried and everyone was getting tired so we put the ornaments in the paper bag that was provided and reluctantly headed home.  It was a great party and we'll definitely be back next year!

What we liked: We liked how the ornament decorating wasn't too detailed or complicated. This meant that the activity could be enjoyed by all different ages of children.  It was a great party all around, and we were so glad they offered a discount for those who reserved a spot early.

What we would change: It's just a shame it's only once a year!  That's okay though because they have lots of other fun crafts all year round!

Website and other important information: 


Cost: $10 per child/$6 for advanced tickets

Date and Times: Check website for times next year!


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