Tuesday, February 11, 2014


What it is:  Ok, so the name is tempting-wine+burgers, sound great!  So, when Zinburger opened its first NC location in the Streets at Southpoint I immediately wanted to check it out.  But I wondered how kid friendly it would be.  That question never stops me from checking any restaurant out though, HA!  So, this weekend before we headed over to check out The Lego Movie at the nearby theater, we stopped by Zinburger and checked it out.

We walked in past the heated patio complete with small fire pit.  The interior looked nice and clean and classy with a few TV's in the corners.  We got our menus and immediately my mouth started watering.  We noticed that Zinburger specializes in burgers, wine, and delicious sounding shakes and the list was quite extensive for all of the above.  The do also have some salads and their list of burgers also includes a veggie burger, an ahi burger, and a turkey sloppy joe so there are options for the non-burger lovers.  However, for those super-beef lovers, you can upgrade your burger meat to Kobe meat for just $5 more.

The kids' menu included a burger, grilled cheese, sloppy joe, and chicken tenders which come with fries and a soft drink.  They were $7 per meal which is a little pricey for a kids' meal.  You could also add a kids' shake to the meal for $2 extra.  The boys both enjoyed their meal and scarfed their grilled cheeses.  My husband and I both thought the zinburger with wine carmelized onions and manchego cheese just sounded too delicious to pass up, so we tried it with a side of onion rings.  It was all delicious!  It was a great meal, and I look forward to heading back for a grown up evening complete with a glass of wine, or maybe a decadent shake.

What we liked:  The food was good, and it's location in the mall means that you can stop by for a bite while you're shopping, catching a movie, or just doing a little people watching.

What we would change:  As I said, the kids' meal was a bit more expensive than I'm used to, but only by a dollar.

Website and other important information: 

Website: http://zinburgereast.com/

Address: Located in the Streets of Southpoint at Southpoint Mall across from Firebirds.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 11am-10pm, Friday and Saturday: 11am-11pm

Photos (as I continually say, I'm not a food photographer, but it really was delicious):

(I didn't remember to photograph my burger before I had taken several bites...too yummy!)

(grilled cheese and fries)

(onion rings, which they serve with BBQ sauce)


JMS said...

The snickers shake is to die for & they split it into two or more cups for you, each topped off with whip! Yum!!

Janelle said...

Love the chicken burger here too!

Anonymous said...

Also live their chicken burger too!

Anonymous said...

We felt that it was WAY over-priced for the quality of food you receive. 2 adults and 2 children with only burgers and 2 kids shakes were $60 for LUNCH.

I did not feel that this place was worth it.

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