Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sam's Bottle Shop

This one is definitely a post "just for the parents".  But every parent needs a break every now and then, and this spot is a great new place to help you with that...

What it is:  Sam's Bottle Shop is the newest venture from the owner of Sam's Quik Shop up by Duke.  I had never been there but I'd always heard of it as the place to go to get obscure kinds of beer.  Well, Sam's Bottle Shop does the same down in South Durham.  It just opened up in a free standing building just across Hwy. 54 from the Hope Valley Commons shopping center.

You walk in and you just see rows and rows of beer (as I said, not particularly kid friendly).  There's every kind of beer that you could ever want and even some you're not sure you would want (sticky toffee beer, anyone?)  Now, I went in as a non-beer drinker and there was even something for me.  There was a whole case of different kind of ciders and even several shelves devoted just to meads.  Now, you may want to try some of these interesting kinds of beer and cider but not want to buy a whole six-pack.  That's ok because you can buy most of the bottles singly instead of buying the whole pack,  This gives everyone a great way to try something new.

Another great feature of Sam's Bottle Shop is the tasting room upstairs.  This room overlooks the retail space downstairs and has a great outdoor balcony.  You can head over there in the evening and sample any of the unique beers or ciders that they're offering.

What we liked:  I love how they have so many different, interesting kinds of beverages, and for me, I especially like the inclusion of the beers and ciders.  The fact that you can buy singles is a great way to try things.

What we would change:  Not sure what I would change about this stop. I've heard that they do not yet have chairs and tables on the patio which might be something they could remedy.

Website and other important information:


Address: 1112 NC Hwy 54 W, Durham

Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 9am-9pm, Thursday-Saturday: 9am-10pm, Sunday: 12pm-8pm


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