Sunday, May 18, 2014

DJ's Berry Patch

Hunting for berries?  SoDu Parents Posse founder Kat Benson reviews another lovely little patch close to South Durham. DJ's Berry Patch is in Apex, off of Hwy. 55 & Old Jenks Road. 

What it is: It is a fairly large field, which is nice because you don't have to search as hard. They rotate which ones they open so there are always rows bursting at the seams. They offer three varieties of berries, which I've never heard of a farm doing. They're sweet charlie, Camarosa, and Chandler (perhaps that's named after Friends's Chandler Bing?) - whatever we picked was delicious.Like many farms they offer pre-picked or pick your own. They have giant cute tubs you get to take with you - my kids love playing with it now that it's empty. A full tub is $11, piled high it's $13. But you can always get less, there is no minimum.

I really liked how they had a seating area with umbrellas where you could much on them after purchasing. And their giant tent area has lots of veggies, breads, drinks, salsas, ice cream, and jams for sale. Great way to pick up other yummy foods for dinner with your berries! They even have produce boxes for sale. Check their website to see a handy chart about what veggies & fruits are available when. In the fall they have pumpkin picking too!

Additionally, they're open early and close late, which is great to beat the heat. we'll definitely be going back!

What we liked: The size of the farm, the seating, and veggie/food market. Plus the berries were delish! Don't forget to like them on facebook for closings and neat pictures. There was a recent one of their bee colony - super cool!

What we'd change: I cannot find yet if the berries are sprayed with pesticides, have fertilizer, or are certified organic. That would obviously be something to consider. 

Website and other important information:

Address: 1223 Salem Church Rd, Apex, NC, 27523

Hours: During strawberry season, Monday-Saturday: 8am-7pm, Sunday: 12pm-7pm


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