Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Durham Strawberry Festival: An Update

The Durham Strawberry Festival is always one of our favorite traditions.  Fellow blogger also checked it out and gave us an update.  So, here's our original post combined with her great updates, enjoy!

What it is: The Durham Strawberry Festival is a yearly festival put on by the Central Park School for Children. This year it happened on May 1st so it has already happened, but I wanted to include it in the blog so that everyone can have the information on it for next year. While its name is the "strawberry festival" there are quite a few non-strawberry related activities for kids plus some delicious strawberry treats. 

What we like: 
We really liked the variety of activities for the little ones to participate in. Our toddlers migrated from the playground to the tent with bubbles to the exhibit full of fire trucks and police cars for the kids to explore. There was also a bouncy castle, music, booths where you could plant your own plant, face painting, and more. When it came time for food there were strawberry treats galore as well as some trucks with outside vendors such as OnlyBurger. We enjoyed the burgers, a PB&J for my son, strawberry lemonade, strawberry shortcake for our friends, and some chocolate covered strawberries for us! Delicious!

The good thing about all of these activities is they are paid for with tickets so you don't have to pay an overall admission price. You just have to pay for the activities you want to do and food you want to eat. While many of the activities do require tickets there are still some things you can enjoy for free.

Zion's Update: I finally was able to take my family to the much publicized and highly anticipated Strawberry festival put on by Central Park School for Children. The event was held near old North Durham park Saturday May 3rd from noon-4pm.  This festival celebrated 10 years of raising support in a creative way that benefits the school and community.  I am very impressed by this school and the impact they have made in Durham with this crafty event. My kids and I had a ball, and who wouldn't after experiencing live drum/Congo sessions,  dunking booths, all the strawberry goodness you could imagine and lemons juice sipped from a peppermint stick.  Needless to say you should go next year to experience the awesome-ness for yourself!

I am a huge fan of FREE events and this one won me over. The entertainment, play dough and bubble booths don't require any tickets/pay.  Purchasing tickets allowed you to access food and games which ran between 2-5 tickets at each station. Food trucks were on hand and they had these awesome handwashing contraptions that I had never seen before but they are Genius! Whatever it's called and wherever it came from...I am very impressed!

Be prepared for parking shenanigans. We parked 2 blocks away after circling a few times but the experience is worth the hassle.

What we would change: The one thing that I would mention about the festival is that some people might go expecting more. It is put on by a school so there are not a ton of booths and stands, but there were plenty to keep us occupied. In addition, it is out in the middle of a field, so shade is hard to come by. If you go on a sunny day, definitely bring your hat and sunblock. We also had some problems with lines for some of the main courses of food, such as the burgers, so be prepared for that. However, we really didn't encounter any bad lines for the activities at the early time that we attended.

Website and important information: 
The Strawberry Festival is located in downtown Durham behind the Central Park School for Children at the Old North Park several blocks north of the Durham Farmers Market.

Website: http://www.centralparkschoolforchildren.org/strawberry/SFmain.html

Address: 724 Foster St. Durham, NC

Dates and Times: in 2010 it was on May 1st, we will keep you posted on the dates for next year as they approach.


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