Sunday, June 1, 2014

Little Tykes Soccer-Durham Parks and Rec

Over the years, my boys have played soccer at several different places around town.  After all of that experience, I felt that Little Tykes soccer through Durham Parks and Rec was definitely the best value for introducing little ones to soccer.

What it is:  Little Tykes Soccer is a month long program run by Durham Parks and Rec.  You have to sign up quickly because there are only a limited number of spots.  Then, you show up at Herndon Park in South Durham at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and your child will be introduced to soccer.  The best part is that the class only costs $9 for Durham residents.  That's right-$9 for the whole month!

While it was a little disorganized at first, my son got to practice passing, trapping, dribbling, and shooting, as well as play in a few scrimmages against other kids his age.  Classes were an hour long, parents were involved, and there was never any pressure.  On the last day of class, after practice, we all relocated to PDQ where each kid was given a FREE meal, and they called each child's name and presented them with a certificate for completing the lessons.  My son felt so proud!

The Little Tykes program also runs classes in flag football (in August) and basketball (I think).  The classes are only offered once every year, but I might sign my son up for several sports because, at that price, he can definitely check out a few.

What we liked:  The price was definitely the best one I've seen for what we received.  They seemed to genuinely care how each kid felt and tried to make them feel proud of what they accomplished.  The free meal at PDQ and coupon for purchasing our soccer ball were also nice touches that made this program special.

What we would change:  I find that the Durham Parks and Rec online information is hard to navigate.  It's hard to find out information about these programs.  What I would do is get a copy of their Playmore publication each time that it comes out and keep an eye out for these programs listed in the Athletics section. You can also find an online copy of Playmore.



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