Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream

Since the arrival of frozen yogurt shops on the scene, I've been missing good ol' ice cream places. While we enjoy the Parlour and Mapleview Farms (a lot), a few weeks ago we visited another great stop to get some real old fashioned ice cream.

What it is:  Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream is an ice cream shop located way down south of Raleigh and Fuquay-Varina in Angier.  Our friends had sworn to us that is was the best ice cream around, but since it's so far away, we hadn't had the chance to get down there.  However, it was in the perfect spot to hit on the way home from our trip to the SC beaches, so we stopped by.

It's actually just off of Hwy. 55.  Yep, the same one that's in Durham only about 50 miles further south. We parked in their lot and headed in.  On that particular Saturday afternoon, their small shop was pretty crowded.  Immediately, we figured out why there were so many people in their just standing.  They have 120+ flavors of ice cream and are constantly developing new flavors.  Plus, they offer free samples, so if you're anything like us, you might take a while to decide what you want.  After some sampling and much debating, I went with the traditional mint chocolate chip so I could compare it to other places I've tried.  My husband sampled red raspberry, my older son tried mint-oreo while my youngest son sampled strawberry daquiri.  Everyone said their flavors were delicious.

Sunni Sky's ice cream has been featured on several different TV shows. They were featured on the Food Network for a particular flavor they have called Cold Sweat.  It's made from 3 different kinds of hot peppers and two different kinds of hot sauce and it's so hot that you have to sign a waiver to try it.  We weren't brave enough to sample it, but you always have that option.

There's no seating inside the shop, so we sat outside on some rocking chairs they had set on their porch. They even had small sized chairs for the kiddos.  There were also picnic tables across the parking lot where we could have enjoyed our treat.

What we liked:  We loved how many flavors they had and how you could sample any of them.  All of the ones that we tried were delicious.  Also, their prices were very good at just $1.50 for a kiddie cup or cone and  $2.50 for a single cup or cone.

What we would change:  Of course, the drive is long, but if you're headed down in that direction, then it's a great stop! Oh, and the day that we went, there were quite a few bugs buzzing around, but I don't know if that's a regular thing or not.

Website and other important information:


Address: 8617 Highway 55 S, Angier, NC  27501

Hours: December, January, and February: CLOSED, March: Sunday-Thursday 12pm-11pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-Midnight, April-September: Monday-Thursday 11am-11pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-12pm, Sunday 12pm-11pm, October-November: Sunday-Thursday 12pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-Midnight


(the sign)

(a small portion of the flavors listed behind one of the counters)

(some of the 120+ flavors)

(additional seating)

(even more flavors)

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