Monday, August 25, 2014

Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

What it is: You've probably noticed a bunch of new restaurants popping up over the past few years along 15-501 near the intersection with I-40.  We've seen the introduction of Moe's, Five Guys, PDQ, and now, we also have Freddy's.

We stopped by last Sunday for lunch and apparently, we were not the first one to find this new spot. Freddy's was packed.  We waited in line for a few minutes, but that just gave us time to look over the new menu.  Their specialty is steakburgers and hot dogs with various toppings however I also noticed that they had some chicken options.  They paired the burgers with fries of onion rings.  Freddy's also offered delicious frozen custards in sundae, concrete, oreo custard sandwich, malt, and milkshake form.

I tried a steakburger, particular type of thin, griddle-fried burger, with fries and my husband tried the double with onion rings.  My kiddos sampled the kids' meals, one with a hot dog and one with a burger.  The meal came with fries and a drink.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was a 50's diner feel and we had a really enjoyed our meal. Of course, we couldn't leave without sampling dessert.  When I hopped back in the very long line to get my dessert I learned something valuable.  Apparently, you can order your dessert with your meal and skip the line when you're ready for dessert and just go up to the register and ask for it.  I will definitely do that next time.  However, once we got our "dirt and worms" sundae, it was delicious, and the custard was particularly good.

What we liked:  The food was yummy, and the service was very good.  Also, it was nice to go to a place where they work really hard on both the entrees and the desserts.

What we would change:  When we went on Sunday afternoon it was very crowded, so next time I might try to go back at a different time to see if it was less crowded.  That being said, we had no trouble finding a table even though it was crowded.

Website and other important information:


Address: 3303 Watkins Rd, Durham, 27707

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10:30am-10pm, Sunday: 10:30am-11pm


(my lunch)

(my husband's meal)

(our sundae-"dirt and worms")

(a view from the outdoors)

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