Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bull City Craft Paint and Pour

What it is:  You guys have heard how much we love Bull City Craft.  We've already told you about their preschool playcraft, birthday parties, and ornament parties.  This time we were fortunate enough to check out one of their activities for grown-ups.  A group of moms and I were lucky enough to get a rare night out.  First, we headed to Thai Cafe, which I highly recommend for some great food, and after our lovely dinner full of actual adult conversation, we headed over to Bull City Craft.

We had reserved it for a group gathering, but they also have scheduled Paint and Pour night every Friday at 7pm.  Each night they have a different painting to learn and paint.  This time, we were painting the Lucky Strike Tower in downtown Durham.  Of course, it was Paint and Pour so we could all bring our own bottles of wine so we could have a glass while we painted.  Jessica, the awesome owner of Bull City Craft was painting the picture at the front of the room and we all sat at tables with our own canvas, aprons, and paints watching and learning from her.  While she was our guide, we could take whatever creative turn we wanted.  There were also lots of example pictures placed around the room to help.  In the end, after several hours of fun and lots of laughter, whether we considered ourselves artists or not, we all came out with a picture we loved.

What we liked:  Painting and using the creative side of my brain like that is something I don't normally do in my daily life, so it was lots of fun!

What we would change:  Unfortunately, it is definitely an adults only outing, but definitely worth the babysitter!

Website and other important information:


Address: 2501 University Drive, Durham

Class time: Fridays at 7pm

Cost: $35, with a $5 discount for eating at one of the neighboring restaurants and bringing the receipt


(the setup)


(watching our instructor)

(the finished result)

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