Monday, October 6, 2014

Compare Foods

Check out this post from Zion about another great grocery store option in town!

Recently they opened a new grocery on Holloway St. in Durham.  I am so happy that a grocery finally opened in this busy community and I couldn't wait to check it out.  There are also two other Compare Foods in town: one off of Roxboro and one of of 15-501 business if those are more convenient for you. If you have never shopped in Compare Foods before, here are a few pointers on what to expect.  

1. Huge aisles - For some reason they are larger than average,  but are still manageable.

2. Diversity in every section - Their produce, meats, and seasonings sections will have a wide variety of things you have never seen or heard of.

3. The meat department really took me by surprise at how low the cost for cuts of ribs and chicken went for.  I purchased 8 slices of pork ribs packaged for $5.87. That was a steal!

What we liked: The store is clean, well tended to, and I couldn't get enough of the ethnic variations of spices and products I could buy.

What we would change: All of the employees were not uniformed so if you need help it could get tricky figuring out who to ask.

After you see the pictures you may think you're looking at Kroger or Food Lion, especially by their well kept produce department which I am in LOVE with!

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