Sunday, April 12, 2015

Change is in the air at Stir Crazy Moms

So, one day about six years ago, I went to a Durham playground with my son's baby playground.  I think it was Cook Rd. playground.  We started talking about how useful it would be if there was a website or blog that gave information about the area playgrounds and discussed whether they had baby swings or bathrooms or whether they were safe to go to alone.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought about what a great idea it would be.  So, six years ago I started Stir Crazy Moms.

Through the years the blog has kept going.  Here we are 886 posts later and I'm still writing.  I have taken my boys out and about to countless new and exciting places, dragged numerous friends acquaintances into writing a post or two for the blog, received e-mails and comments both with criticism and those comments that keep me going, that say I helped someone get used to a new place or find a new adventure.  The blog has been a labor of love and it has far surpassed my expectations. I am continually tickled that people actually read the blog and it actually helps people.

Now, after those six years, our little family is going on a new adventure.  We are moving to St. Louis in June.  While we're incredibly sad to leave Durham which has been my home for over 12 years now, we are excited to see what we can find in our new home.  So, while I won't be able to check out new places and keep writing the blog from St. Louis, never fear, the blog will continue even after I move.

It's hard to hand off Stir Crazy Moms, but don't worry it will be in good hands.  First, I am going to work hard to update the index, the map, and update the posts to make it as current as possible.  That way, people can easily continue to search and use it as a resource to find all of the great things to do in Durham.  If anyone has anything they would like me to add before I leave, please let me know.

Once I leave, I would like to open the blog up to you guys.  If you are interested in writing posts for the blog or know of anything that would be a great resource to fellow Durham parents.  Please write it up!  I will even be posting a list of needed posts in the sidebar of the blog so you can check out the list and write a post on one of those places if you know about it.  Then, you can just send the blog to the e-mail address on the site.

That e-mail address will be manned by long-time blog poster and awesome founder of SoDu Parents Posse, Kat!  She will be watching over the blog and making sure it continues to be an honest blog about all the fun activities for families in Durham written by parents and for parents.  I have seen all that Kat has already done for Durham families and I know that it is in good hands.  Between the blog as a resource, the SoDu Parents Posse, as well as Hulafrog-Durham/Chapel Hill and Durham Mothers Club, I know everyone will have plenty of great Durham resources available.

So, until June folks, let me know all of your ideas for what I should update on the blog.  I'll keep posting until then, and then, promise me that this great Durham community will be waiting for me when I come visit!


Dilip said...

Thanks for having put this great resource together. Wow - St. Louis! Let me know if you need any contacts; one of our nannies moved there and a high school friend is there. I'm sure they'd both be delighted to welcome you. Best wishes in the move. Stir Crazy is in excellent hands of Kat and the community that you have built. --Dilip

play house toy store said...

Thanks for all your blogs. .sorry we never got to join up in person..because I am so rooted in the 18 years of being with The Playhouse toy that loves Durham of everytning...Donna

The Advisors said...

Thank you for all the much needed adventures you helped us have!!!!

Cutter said...

I'm also leaving in June after 7 years in Durham and 4 years as a mom. This site has been invaluable to me and one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Thanks for all of your advice and creating this wonderful resource! This site is my go to for restaurant choices, parks and happenings in the area! Good luck in St. Louis!!!

G Wolf said...

I'm really sad to see you go. As a Durham parent (Dad, actually), your blog has been indispensable! If at all possible, I'm hoping all the archives and historical content can stay active.

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