Sunday, April 26, 2015

Trolly Stop Hot Dogs

What it is:  We're always looking for great kid-friendly restaurants, and another one recently opened up on Franklin St. so we had to go check it out.  Trolly Stop is a small chain of hot dog restaurants with other locations in Wrightsville Beach, Boone, and a few other NC locations.  They mentioned having a variety of toppings, so I thought it would be perfect since the adults could get interesting, yummy hot dogs, while the kiddos could still have the plain version that made them happy.

So, we headed on over on a weekday after school.  I was a little worried about parking on Franklin St.  However, one of the huge benefits of this restaurant is that there is a small parking lot on Franklin St. for this shopping center, so we were actually able to find a spot without walking a long way!

We headed in and checked out their menu.  They actually had five different kinds of actual hot dogs to choose from ranging from the vegetarian dog and turkey dog to Carolina smoked sausage and more traditional beef and beef and pork varieties.  My son got the standard Trolly Stop original hot dog plain with nothing but ketchup.  They had a wide variety of chips so he got chips and a drink to go with it.

I wanted to sample some of their topped dogs, so I tried the NC dog with chili and slaw, the Surfer  dog with cheese and bacon bits, and their homemade baked beans.  All was delicious and I was stuffed at the end of my meal.  I will definitely be back to try another fancy hot dog and this place that was equally kid and adult friendly.  My son also topped off the meal with some of their Hersheys Ice Cream as a dessert treat.

It was a fun stop that can be combined with any of the other kid-friendly places in Chapel Hill like the new Kidzu, UNC Arboretum, Chapel Hill Community Park, and more!

What we liked:  We loved that it had plain kid-friendly options and more dressed up dogs for the adults.  In fact, if your kiddo doesn't like hot dogs they'll even put cheese on a bun for a yummy grilled cheese.  It was also nice to have so many hot dog types including vegetarian and turkey dogs.

What we would change:  If you don't like hot dogs, there really isn't much for you at this particular stop, but with all the different types, there are lots of varied flavors to try.

Website and other important information:


Address: 306 W. Franklin St, Ste. B

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday: 11am-9pm, Thursday-Saturday: 11am-3am


(a view from outside)

(the menu)

(a view of the interior)


(our three hot dogs)

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