Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cocoa Cinnamon at Lakewood

Cocoa Cinnamon’s newest location has the most personality of the three,
making for a truly colorful coffee experience. 

There are tables outside for fair weather, and when that’s the case, as was last night when I went, they’ll have the garage doors open too. It’s a warm and welcoming place that you walk into, with flowered tablecloths, parasols suspended from the ceiling, and of course the admins of their famous brews. 

I sampled a sipping chocolate and their famous Chloe Kim churro ice cream sandwich. This is the only location with churros - important to note if you’re having a craving!

There are tables for four and two, and complimentary WiFi on weekdays. They leave it off on weekends so people can connect in real life, which is refreshing. 

I came for a work meeting but it’s definitely kid friendly, as long as they don’t run around like madmen after sugar, then you might need to take off for everyone’s sanity.

As always CC responsibly sources their food and beverages and pays a living wage. So you know your money is being well spent. 

I’m looking forward to many more balmy nights at Cocoa Cinnamon, 
hope to see you there!

What we loved: churros!

What we’d change: nothing!

Info: Cocoa Cinnamon
2013 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC 27707
Mon-Fri 7:30am to 10:00pm
Sat – Sun 8am to 10:00pm

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