Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Herndon Park

Park Amenities: The playground itself has two play structures, one large and one for the smaller kids. It has some swings for older children, and a sheltered area with picnic tables. This playground is park of a larger complex that has several baseball and soccer fields. It also has a building with restrooms, but these are usually locked, leaving the port-o-potty by the soccer fields as your only option.

What we like: We love this playground on colder days because there are few trees and lots of sun to keep things warm. The bigger play structure is really nice because you can walk right on to the upper level from the sidewalk. That makes it easily accessible for parents. It is also right next to a southern portion of the American Tobacco Trail so you can head out on a walk through the trees when you are done playing. They say that eventually this portion of the trail will join up with larger sections to the north and south, but right now that is a work in progress. There's also lots of room for kids to run because of the nearby soccer and baseball fields.

What we don't like: The lack of trees can also be a disadvantage in the summer time because this park can be pretty hot. In addition, all parks have puddles, but this one has a particularly big one under the picnic tables that appears after it rains and makes the tables somewhat difficult to use. This park also doesn't have any swings for younger kids, it only has ones for the bigger kids.

Directions and Website:

(These directions are from instead of the Durham parks and rec site because this park is in Durham County and outside city limits.)


1. View of the whole playground

2. In this picture you can see how the play structure is accessible from the sidewalk with no stairs involved.

3. The large puddle under the picnic tables that every toddler will want to find and jump in.


Rachel -Doug Betts said...

This is a nice park - we've visited it a number of times and the kids love it. A couple of comments - I think that you meant that it was near the Tobacco Trail (not the American Tobacco Campus). Also, I think it is confusing that it was named Herndon Park - makes people think it's on Herndon Road, don't you think? You may want to note that its on Scott King Road. Thanks for this blog - I love it!

The Stir Crazy Moms said...

Thanks for your comment! We did mean the Tobacco Trail...thanks for catching that! I don't know why it's called Herndon Park when it's on Scott King. I think it is because it is near the Herndon family's land. Maybe it was built on part of their land?

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