Monday, April 19, 2010

Moe's Southwest Grill

What it is:
Moe's is a burrito and Mexican food restaurant in S. Durham near Southpoint. They serve their Mexican fare in a custom order style like Subway serves their sandwiches. For a family with young children it's quick, colorful, and people of every age seems to enjoy their food.

What we like: As stated earlier, Moe's is a fairly easy place to take young kids. They have a couple choices for kids' meals that come with entree, chips, cookie, and a child's drink. In addition, it's fast so there's not a lot of time for kids to get distracted or bored while waiting for their food. The booth seating around the border of the restaurant works well for us and gives us plenty of room to spread out with all of our toddler gear. Just outside the restaurant there are a few tables for outdoor seating and a great fountain with benches surrounding it where toddlers can be entertained if they tire of being in the restaurant. One of the best parts about Moe's is that they have a "Kids Eat Free" night every Tuesday!

What we would change: One drawback of Moe's is their lack of healthy options for the kids. They only offer chips as a side while many other restaurants with kids' meals offer a side of fruit or other healthy option.

Website and other Important Information: Moe's is located just across Fayetteville Rd. from Southpoint Mall in the Rennaissance shopping center.



6807-122 Fayetteville Road
Durham, NC 27713

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Moessouthwestgrill said...

Thx for the favorful review! And thanks for the feedback on the kid's meals. That is something we'll definitely look into.

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