Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cold Stone Creamery vs. Marble Slab

**We are VERY sorry to say that as of 4/11 both Marble Slab and Cold Stone have closed their Southpoint area locations.  We look forward to new fun spots coming to take their places!

What they are: We've been to these two ice cream shops countless times.  They are both close to our house, so they make for an easy option for a sweet treat.  I was going to do a post on each one, but then I realized that they are so similar that I really should combine the posts into one and let you decide which one to check out.  Marble Slab and Cold Stone are chain ice cream stores offering ice cream in a variety of flavors with your choice of toppings mixed in upon requests (My son gets chocolate ice cream with M&Ms at both).  They both have some specialty ice creams treats such as sundaes or floats or signature creations if you're in the mood for something fancier.  They also have ice cream cakes available for special occasions if you need them.

What we liked: As I said, both of these places are definitely convenient to many other shops and activities in town.  Marble Slab is located in the Streets at Southpoint and Cold Stone is located across the street in the Renaissance shopping center near the Chili's.  I'm sure there are other locations in the area, but these are the ones that we frequent.  We also like that the smallest size (either small or kiddie) is plenty for an adult or hungry toddler which saves some money.

What we would change:  Both of these places are chain establishments, so they don't quite have the charm of some of our local shops.  In addition, many of the specialty treats are surprisingly expensive.  In addition, when I get the fresh fruit added in as a topping, the ice cream is so cold that it freezes the fruit quickly, especially strawberries.  But that's just one of the drawbacks of refreshing, cold ice cream, I guess.

How they are different: If I had to choose which one to go to, it would depend on what else I was doing that day.  Since Cold Stone is in a free-standing shopping center it is easier to get in and out quickly.  However, if you are going to Southpoint Mall to do some shopping or eating out, Marble Slab is right next door to many shops and restaurants.  In addition, Cold Stone offers ice cream cupcakes which is a different, creative twist.  If you have any other opinions or preferences about how these two are different, please let us know.

Websites and other important information: Cold Stone and Marble Slab are both located in the Southpoint area of South Durham.

Websites: Cold Stone-, Marble Slab-


Cold Stone Creamery
6917 Fayetteville Rd.
Durham, NC 27713

Marble Slab Creamery
Streets at Southpoint Mall
8030 Renaissance Parkway, Suite 920, Building N
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 806-5738 
Cold Stone Creamery
Sunday-Thursday Noon-9:30pm
Friday and Saturday Noon-10:30pm

Marble Slab Creamery


Anonymous said...

If you're looking for a locally based option that offers a similar treat, visit Goodberry's! They have delicious frozen custard (vanilla, chocolate and a flavor-of-the-day) that they'll mix with the toppings of your choice to create a Carolina Concrete. All the Goodberry's I've been to have outdoor seating surrounding a fountain, which is an added attraction for little ones (who can toss a few pennies in while you finish your last bites of frozen custard).

Durham's sole Goodberry's is in North Durham, but there are a number of Raleigh locations that might be more convenient to South Durham. (The North Durham one is within walking distance of a Lowes - I used to combine the two and follow ice cream with a trip to Lowes to play in the fountains, look at flowers, check out Christmas decorations, or whatever else was in season).

A Southern Accent said...

I will have to try the ice cream cupcakes! I hadn't heard about those!

A Southern Accent said...

OH and I've got some topics for you guys to work on :-) All of the different sports offered in the area and how to sign up and camps offered for holidays and summer. As a mom with a soon-to-be kindergartner, I'm gonna need some recommendations for camp for sure!

Anonymous said...

There is also a Marble Slab in Northgate Mall in the same outdoor plaza as the theatres.

The Stir Crazy Moms said...

Thanks so much for all your comments! We will definitely check out Goodberry's. (I've heard other good things about them.)

We're also heading up to Northgate soon, so it's good to know about that Marble Slab. :)

We'll definitely work on the summer camps and sports side of things and see what we can come up with. Most of our kids are a bit too young for most of it, but it's good to know what's out there!

Anonymous said...

No one mentioned that the Marble Slab in Northgate mall is ALSO right next to the water fountain that kids can play in. Not so useful in December, but a great way to spend some free time in the summer. Play in the fountain for a while, go get some ice cream, wash those sticky hands in the fountain and play some more. And you don't actually have to go inside the mall at all

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