Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nantucket Grill

What it is: Nantucket Grill is a restaurant that serves American style food and desserts.  It has several locations, but the one that we're going to write about is the Sutton Station location.  While we've written about Sutton Station before, after heading out to Nantucket Grill several times this past week, we definitely thought it needed its own post. 

What we liked: We went to Nantucket with my son and a few other moms in our group with their families last weekend.  Then, we headed back a few nights later with just the mommies.  These two trips reminded me of what a great place this is both for families and just for the adults.  So, we had to post an entry.  We all sat outside in the beautiful weather.  Then, while we ordered and waited for our food our kids did not have to stay in their seats.  They could roam through the grassy courtyard or take a look at the fountains or sculptures.  However, when the food actually came, they actually wanted to stay in their seats (for a short time).  I have never seen my child stuff and entire roll into his mouth, but that's exactly what this picky eater did when he tried these fabulous donut-like rolls.  They had a great kids menu to order off of, and our food was also very nice.  After dinner, at 7, the live music started up in the square, so the boys could dance off their meal.  It was a great night!

When we headed back a few nights later, I was reminded of a few other fabulous features of this restaurant.  Their desserts are awesome!  They have cake in a variety of flavors, and you can get a half slice (which is more than plenty) for under four dollars.  To top that off, these half slices of cake are FREE on Tuesday and Saturday nights!  They would be great to top off a family dinner out.  However, we came just for the dessert.  In addition, Wednesday and Thursday night also offer half price beer and wine bottles.  While this is not so good for the little ones, it makes for a great place for mommies or daddies to head to relax after a long day.  Finally, I just called and found out that kids eat free on Sunday night.  Who knew?!

What we would change: I was trying to think of a negative and having a difficult time.  Then, I just called the restaurant to confirm their free dessert nights.  They said that they were Tuesday and Saturday.  However, we were just there on a Tuesday and they did not offer us our desserts for free!  Boo!  So, there's my negative.  You might have to ask about the free cake in order to get it, and they might have their days confused depending on who you talk to.  Regardless, the cake prices are so reasonable that it's not a big deal either way.

Website and other important information: Nantucket Grill is located in Sutton Station off of Fayetteville Rd. just north of I-40.  They also have locations in Raleigh and at the intersection of I-40 and Hwy. 54.


Address: 5826 Fayetteville Road, Durham

Phone number: (919) 484-8162

Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 11am-9pm, Friday and Saturday: 11am-10pm


1. Nantucket Grill and its outdoor seating

2. A view from the outdoor seating toward the courtyard

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Lynne said...

From what I know, the cake slices are free those days when ordering an entree over $10. Groove

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