Tuesday, August 3, 2010


What it is: Francesca's is a gelato shop on Ninth St. in Durham.  They delight patrons with a variety of different flavors of gelato, coffee, and pastries and sandwiches. Gelato is a tasty treat very similar to ice cream with a little more creamy flavor and texture.

What we liked: The gelato is delicious and the sizes are appropriate and affordable for small children.  One of the unique aspects of their gelato is that you can get the flavors mixed together no matter how small the portion that you order.  I tried the orange and chocolate and it was delicious.  They also had both vegan and soy options for those with dietary restrictions.  In addition, its location on Ninth St. near Blue Corn Cafe and quite a variety of other restaurants and shops, it can be part of a great day.

What we would change: The atmosphere is nice and peaceful, and there are a lot of people working on their computers.  So, you'd have to make sure not to be too noisy around the other patrons when you stop by.

Website and other important information: Francesca's is located on Ninth St. near Duke.

Address: 706 9th Street, Durham, NC 27705-4803

Phone Number: (919) 286-4177

Hours: Open Mon-Thu 11am-11pm; Fri-Sat 11am-12am; Sun 11am-10pm


1. The view from Ninth St.

2. The gelato

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