Friday, August 20, 2010

A New Find in the Museum of Life and Science

My family has been to the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science countless times.  We have a membership and always have a fabulous time whether we stay inside and explore everything from weather to music to space or head outside and check out the animals, butterflies, train, or dinosaurs.  We thought we had explored all the places that there were to see at the museum.  However, when we were there last week, we actually found a great new spot to check out so I had to share.

What it is: We headed over to the butterfly house.  My son loves watching the butterflies flutter around, except for when they get a little too close and land on him.  So, every time we go, he sees a door in the back of the exhibit and tries to hit the handicapped access button and open the door.  Every time it has been closed.  However, when we went there this time, it actually opened up.  When we went through we headed into an outdoor summer butterfly house.

What we liked: It wasn't that big or remarkable, but my son and I had a great time wandering around the butterfly garden because we were the only ones there.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  There weren't too many butterflies, but there were quite a few little white ones that would fly around my son's head as he chased them.  It was also a small contained space, so I could just watch my son instead of chasing after him.  It was like our own little secret room at the museum.

What we would change: We might have liked to see a few more butterflies back there, but it was really nice the way it was.

Website and other important information: Just check out our previous post about the whole museum.  It's definitely one of our favorite places in Durham.  Now that I found this new corner of the museum, I wonder if there's any other sights there that we have missed.  I'd love to hear from you about your favorite parts of the Museum of Life and Science.  What parts do your kids like best?  Leave a comment and let us know!


1. The inside of the butterfly garden

2. The entrance in the back of the regular butterfly pavilion

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Uli said...

Thank you - we like that extra butterfly garden for SE US-native butterflies too. The Carolina Butterfly Pavilion has been open almost every summer even before the conservatory was built, between memorial day and labor day. This year there was no funding to buy butterflies, explaining the smaller numbers when you visited. Those little white ones are Cabbage Whites that were donated by BASF Corporation's insect rearing group in the triangle.

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