Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jump'n Java Cafe

What it is: When I first heard about this place I knew that we had to go check it out.  It's always great to find a new coffee place that you like, it's even better when that coffee place has special features for kids.  Jump'n Java is a coffee place with extra benefits for people with kids.  They have countless different kinds of coffee beverages, pastries, and even sandwiches for lunch!  In addition, they also have a lovely room set up in the back as a "lounge".  The lounge has several couches, a few tables, a TV with quite a few movies to watch, and a bin of toys.  They also have a private conference room for the use of its customers.

What we liked: Of course, we love the lounge!  It is the perfect setting to keep your kids busy and occupied while you enjoy your coffee or other treat.  In addition, it is completely separate from the rest of the cafe so you don't have to worry about your kids being too noisy and disturbing the other patrons.  With its cozy couches and secluded location it is also the perfect spot for nursing.  We also liked that they served lunch dishes so you could come and enjoy a lunch in the lounge as well.

What we would change: The cafe is only open until 3pm so it is unavailable for those long after nap afternoons.

Website and other important information: Jump'n Java is located in RTP at the intersection of Alexander and Miami.  It is hidden back in shopping center behinds a Sheetz gas station.

Website: We could not locate a website for Jump'n Java that was able to load.

Address: 2945 S Miami Blvd, DurhamNC 27703

Phone Number: (919) 361-1212

Hours: 7am-3pm (I think it's just open on the weekdays, but I will look in to this.)


1. A view of the outside of the cafe

2. The main part of the restaurant

3. The lounge part in the back

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Anonymous said...

I went to a neighboring business today and can report that Jump'n Java Cafe has closed.

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