Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dulce Cafe

When we've headed to Sutton Station in Durham we've eaten many a good meal and enjoyed sitting outside listening to live music or playing near the grass, fountains, or sculptures.  We've even headed there for some mommy time with relaxation at Bella Trio followed by 1/2 price wine night at Nantucket.  One thing that always seemed to be missing was a place to get a little sweet treat after we played or had a good meal.   However, that is a problem no longer.

What it is: Dulce is a new cafe where you can get sandwiches, gelato, pastries and more.  We stopped by this afternoon before a little playing on the grass and in the fountains and sampled their sweet options.  I tried the grapefruit sorbet while my son, of course, sampled the chocolate gelato.  Our fellow Stir Crazy buddies tried a cupcake which was also delicious.  We enjoyed our treats in the air conditioning at their tables.  However, they also have some couches for relaxation while you eat and outdoor seating when it is just a bit cooler outside.  Dulce also offers coffee and wireless.

What we liked:  We love finally having a place to pick up some gelato in this part of town.  We can easily combine it with a trip to Pineywood or Sutton Station itself like we did today.  We could also stop by after a lovely dinner at Bocci or Nantucket Grill (if the large slices of cake at Nantucket don't hook you).  The gelato prices were also some of the more reasonable we have seen at $2.50 for a small.

What we would change: The cafe is a bit small, so it might be hard to navigate a stroller or family when crowded (and we hope it gets crowded!), but for our group today it was just fine.

Website and other important information:

Website: We could not locate a website yet.

Address: 5836 Fayetteville Rd # 106, Durham, NC 27713-6692


 (A view of the interior)

 (Yummy pastries!)


 (flowers near the outdoor seating)

(Another view of the Sutton Station fountain...isn't it amazing how my stroller appears in so many shots?)

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Chef Effie Mor said...

I agree Dulce is a wonderful place, being from a European background and life overseas, I've missed dreadfully the open caffe's with the European passion for something special, it's been three years since my family and I arrived here to the US and I have to say I really enjoy Dulce for not only the great flavors that abound within it's walls, but friendly staff as well... to most now I"m happy to know by name,,, the shop is new, and growing and it's no wonder.
Come in and try something and be sure to have a cup of the wonderfully rich coffee.

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